50 things about me. Emma Rowland from Outlaws and Skeletons

50 random things about me. Harder than I thought to come up with 50, so it ended up being a mixture of random, tom hanks, boring, and odd things. 

  1. I am 30 years old
  2. I am artist, though you will rarely hear me say it out loud
  3. I make jewellery, cards, and other things
  4. I am obsessed with charity shops
  5. I have a lot of things that I have brought to ‘upcycle’ and are yet to be
  6. I was born in Scotland to English parents
  7. Until I was 20 I always said I was Scottish, now I say British 😀
  8. I can’t watch an England vs. Scotland Rugby match
  9. I believe a great cup of coffee is magic
  10. I lived in Cyprus when I was a kid and absolutely loved it
  11. We moved a lot and I went to 4 primary schools and 3 secondary schools
  12. As an adult I have kept this up and moved a lot. I love unpacking!
  13. I’ve ‘lived’ in Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Madrid, and Berlin again
  14. I miss Berlin
  15. Vienna was incredible and I loved it there (especially their natural history musuem)
  16. As an adult I’ve travelled to the Dolomites, Venice, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, and Las Vegas
  17. As a child I went to Paris, Cairo, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, and San Francisco
  18. My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years, coming up to 11
  19. I still feel like a teenager in many ways
  20. My favourite actor is Tom Hanks
  21. My favourite movie is Forrest Gump
  22. Others include all the recent Star Treks, all the Jurassic Parks,  Independance Day, The First Wives Club, Cedar Rapids most Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock movies
  23. Pineapple Express never fails to make me laugh
  24. My favourite actress is Sandra Bullock
  25. I can’t wait to be a full time artist
  26. I have worked at New Look, Surrey County Council, Devon County Council, and more
  27. I am a certified civil enforcement officer (as in I could give you a parking ticket)
  28. I miss my cat Tootsy a lot, she was 22/23 when she died in 2015
  29. I can eat an obscene amount of sweet food in one go
  30. I would love to get cats, dogs, birds, and all sorts of others, all rescued
  31. I love the post workout buzz and 100% believe it has helped cure my depression
  32. I am not a runner but don’t stop trying
  33. My favourite tv series are True Detective, Stranger Things, Friends, and NCIS
  34. I rarely drink anymore but when I do it’s gin or cocktails, I love pina coladas!
  35. I did a bungy jump in Macau, China, which is the world’s highest! I was hungover and sea sick and it was incredible
  36. My favourite foods include cheese pizza, toast, biscuits, cake, sweets, marzipan, coleslaw, and donuts
  37. I can’t believe that Big Brother and X-Factor are still made and strongly dislike them
  38. The thought of driving makes me anxious (I can drive)
  39. I hate being told off/doing things wrong
  40. I got a tattoo for my 21st birthday of my boyfriend’s and I nickname, he also has our nickname tattooed on him. We call each other pea
  41. I can not do accents, as hard as I try I end up sounding ridiculous
  42. If I have a song stuck in my head I can not sing it out loud in tune or rhythm
  43. My brother has just moved to New Zealand and I am super excited to go and visit him
  44. I am awful at saving money so New Zealand might take a while
  45. I have watched many hours of tiny house videos on YouTube
  46. I really want to live in a tiny house but would need 3; one to live in, one as a studio, one for Christmas
  47. I LOVE Christmas/December. I mean I really really love it
  48. When I listen to music I always day dream that I am the lead singer of a totally awesome band
  49. I don’t understand people who are mean, cruel, or hurtful towards others on purpose
  50. I love birds, I find them fascinating but do not know much about them. The Big Year is another of my favourite movies

Emma / Outlaws & Skeletons

Artist/Creative/Marzipan Addict

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