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Brief intro: I came to Berlin in March 2016. I have 6 months to do whatever I want to do.

This post if about: How do I decide what I want to do and not waste this awesome opportunity?

So I have 6 months to get loads of stuff done. I can do all the things. All the things I would think and dream about while I sat at my desk tapping away and scoffing chocolate. However, now I am sat at a table trying to remember what all those amazing ideas I had were exactly? Brain…some help please?

Before we left for Berlin I was on a train on the way home from visiting a friend, I was merrily listening to some podcasts when one came on and gave me the answer I didn’t know I was looking for. Hello and thank you Being Boss for the episode ‘Playing Big with Tara Mohr’. Perfect timing. It’s brilliant and I would urge you to listen to it.

I wrote down some questions for my inner mentor (the inner mentor is basically you in 20/30 years time, as it turns out she is pretty awesome and quite wise) and answered them as honestly as I could. I chose 5 year goals so I could break them down year by year into manageable chunks but you can choose whatever you want.

Notebook and pen

The questions I asked to work out my life goals:

  1. What am I doing every day? my answer. Creating art, making & creating things, having fun and enjoying life.
  2. What are my values? a. Being kind, honest, and giving.
  3. How do I support myself? a. Art, illustration, and writing.
  4. What project am I working on? a. A series of paintings for a gallery exhibition.
  5. What are my favourite things to do? a. Painting, drawing, making, cooking, playing games, walking, exploring, seeing friends and family.
  6. Who’s there with me? a. People I love, family, friends, and pets.
  7. Where do we live? a. Somewhere we both like with good train service.
  8. What is my home like? a. Warm, full of art, art space/studio, music space/studio.
  9. How do I spend my evenings? a. Family and friends, cooking, reading, movies, drawing.
  10. How do I spend my weekends? a. Exploring, outside, cosy, inside.
  11. What holiday have planned next? a. One that we’ve saved for! Rent a cottage somewhere or Hawaii 😉
  12. What do I look like? a. Healthy, fit (as in strong not phwoar), happy.
  13. How do I describe myself? a. An artist. Happy, loved, calm, and ongoing.


Now it might seem like a weird set of questions but I wanted to be honest with myself about what I enjoy doing and how I would like to spend my time not only in 5 years time, but now and beyond that.

I then wrote down in simple terms how I think I get there, for example:

Question 1: What am I doing every day?
Answer: Creating art, making & creating things, having fun and enjoying life.
How do I get there?: Experiment, be bold, create, be open to new art and mediums. Do things, don’t be afraid, smile, read, talk, be positive.

Next step is to break it down into chunks/years, I went for 4, 3, 2, 1 years and 6 months.

Weights and winsor and newton watercolour paints

So for the next 6 months I will work towards my goals by:

  1. Trying lots of different mediums, eg. knitting, embroidery, acrylic, inks, printing, collage, and more. Draw or make something every day.
  2. Be kind.
  3. Make lots of art.
  4. Experiment with paints.
  5. Make a list of things I can do.
  6. Talk to family friends and work on being kind to myself.
  7. Work hard.
  8. Work hard.
  9. Work hard.
  10. Work hard.
  11. Work hard.
  12. Get healthy, fit and strong.
  13. Say I am an Artist. Work on my goals. Every day.

These are open to change as I go along but I have kept them simple and honest.

You may have noticed that 7 to 11 is work hard. That is because I need to work on my finances a little and pay a few things off before I can work on the next chunk/year.

Macbook air with notebooks

I have my 6 months goals written out in a small blue Leuchttrurm1917 squared notebook and every day I will write down something I did towards them that day.

So there we go, my goals. I know if I work on those points over the next 6 months I will not leave thinking I have wasted any time and I will have spent 6 months doing things I enjoy.

I would love to hear your goals or what you enjoy spending your time doing? Leave a comment below or come and say hello on Instagram @outlawsandskeletons

Emma / Outlaws & Skeletons

Artist/Creative/Marzipan Addict


  1. Yes to this! This all sounds tremendous! I look forward to seeing and hearing about this amazing journey – and hopefully coming to this gallery exhibition one day 😊😊😊

  2. Emma, I am so very proud of you. I think of you often and still talk about you in the office. You are an amazing person. I miss you xx Thanks for being there for me you were such a support

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