Nick Jeffery Art Show Berlin 2016

A few weeks ago Sean was asked if he wanted to play a live set at an art gallery. So Saturday afternoon we hopped on the U-Bahn each with a big backpack filled with some of his music gear. We walked the wrong way out of the station but managed to get to the gallery only a few minutes late. There was very little from the outside to indicate it was a gallery, I should have taken a picture but I forgot because I was really nervous, so we stepped in to this weird and wonderful space.Berlin Art Show

The gallery used to be a kebab shop (or so I was told) and it was a wonderful mix of tiles, broken cornicing, brick walls, and random odd features. Sean set up his music gear on a table in the corner and after hovering uncomfortably for a while I wandered around looking at the art and then popped out to walk around the block and find some water.

The artist (Nick Jeffery) and the curator (Carolina Ongaro) did a good job with the space and filled it with pieces at odd angles, projections jutting of different pieces of the room and through some of the canvases which created a hypnotising experience.

Nick Jeffery Art Show Berlin 2016

Nick Jeffery Art Show Berlin 2016

I found the downstairs area a little creepy but it added to atmosphere of the exhibition, in the front room there was a canvas and a hole.

Nick Jeffery Art Show Berlin 2016

A very 'Berlin' Art show

Down a short but very dark corridor there was the back room with a projection showing two videos.

Berlin Art Show

Back upstairs Nick and the other people there were easy to chat to and friendly even though I was so nervous and felt really awkward.

Sean did a great job with the live set and the music suited the space and artwork really well. It was cool to hear the music over some big speakers as he mainly uses headphones at home. I think in total he played for around three and a half hours. You can hear a snippet on Beathaven’s Instagram.

Nick Jeffery Art Show Berlin 2016

I am so pleased we went, proud of Sean for playing live, and proud of me for stepping out of my comfort zone (at home with a cup of tea and Netflix).

Click the photo below to go to Flickr and see the rest of the photos from the exhibition including an ‘arty’ selfie:

Beathaven playing live at Nick Jeffery's Art Show. Berlin 2016.

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