So I hoard art supplies like they are essentials in my life, because well, they are. I brought a small collection with me to Berlin in my suitcase and on a recent trip to Tiger Stores I picked up a few more bits. I am putting craft projects into my weekly bullet journal because I want to try different crafts, techniques, supplies, tools, and take myself out of my comfort zone.

I eased myself into this week with a plan to make a paper puppet. My only goal was to make a creature; I didn’t plan what I was making…I just made. Though once I saw this holographic folder I knew it would make a great mermaid tail, so the creature would have one of those.

1st step: Gather up some supplies.

Paper puppet creature mermaid

2nd step: Cut out a body/head shape, some arms, and a tail in one or two parts.

DIY paper puppet mermaidDIY paper puppet creature

3rd step: Cut some holes with a standing knife or small hole punch for moving parts. Insert split pins.

DIY Mermaid Puppet Kit DIY Mermaid Puppet Kit

4th step: Give it some eyes and other things.

DIY Mermaid Split Pin Puppet Kit

I am pretty chuffed with this lil’ creature. I am planning on using him for trying out stop motion video soon!

DIY Mermaid Split Pin Puppet Kit

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