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I could spend hours at a time writing and rewriting to-do lists, colour coding and organising them and then what? I would never look at the list or google calendar again. Why? Well digital organisation just isn’t my thing and that massive to do list just killed my motivation. I also felt too organised and there’s nothing like a rigid structure to ignite rebellion.

I have been seeing bullet journalling pop up all over the shop recently and after visiting paperchase and purchasing my favourite notebook of theirs I thought I would give it a whirl. There’s nothing like a fresh new notebook…I am not alone in that right?

My Bullet Journal and Blog Plan Muji and Paperchase

On the left if this Paperchase notebook. I use this for the bullet journal, master to do list, blogging ideas, blog notes, social ideas and notes, and 5 year plan / goals & breakdowns.

On the right is this Muji desk organiser. I use this as a year planner for Outlaws and Skeletons, monthly planner for blog posts and social, blog post tracker, and blog themes.

To keep my personal stuff organised (which I am desperately trying to improve) I use a cute gold M&S 2016 Diary which I mark down personal stuff, birthdays, appointments, paydays, etc.

Other things I use to keep organised are:

  • Muji erasable pens – they erase, what could be better, lots of colours to choose from too.
  • Reminders on my phone – only when I am out & about to remind myself later of whatever’s popped into my mind
  • List pads – perfect for lists that don’t need to be around for long
  • Post it notes – sticking in my bullet journal, personal diary, page markers, quick reminders, and for movable notes.

Paperchase Bullet Journal

Am I going to keep using it?
So I am a bullet journal convert. One tip I would give with it is…if you don’t get the things done, use one day to catch up and that’s the only thing you have to do that day. Mark the things off and move on.
So it has taken a bit of time and effort to get it all working and organised to how it works best for me, and it can take time to get it all right but once it is and you have found a system that works, you’ll be more productive and spend minimal time per week organising yourself. Heck, I wrote this blog post 5 days before it was meant to be posted and that (for me) is a miracle! Now I am working on getting them written a week in advance!

Muji Blog Planner

Muji notebook Blog Tracker

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