So now I have a part time job I thought my days off would be super productive but turns out that if I have a deadline looming I get really really good at procrastinating! Grrrr.

What the most frustrating part is, I really want to do get this stuff done, it is part of my dreams, part of my goals, part of my ‘dream life’ but alas I get nothing done instead.

The longer I leave the things I need to get done the more anxiety I can feel building up inside of me, I get down really quickly, I want to just hibernate, roll myself up in my duvet like a burrito, watch movies, and eat everything or nothing (that’s a lie, it’s always everything). I don’t want to go online, I don’t want to chat to my friends, or┬ápeople on Instagram, go to work (I really like┬ámy new job), draw, paint, or make things.

It should be SO freaking simple too. I have a list, I have many lists, I make them simple, I write down small steps so I can tick each thing off and not overwhelm myself on purpose. My list is a well designed and curated tasking masterpiece that has taken me years to hone to make me feel positive and driven and productive; while actually being all those things too.

So I guess I just wanted to rant slightly at myself. Just get the hell on with it Emma! Get your list out, add ‘reply to important email’ (because I really need to do that) and get the first thing done…which is upload photos of pin. Easy peasy. (I say easy but my phone logged out of my google account, I obviously didn’t know my password, ugh, it’s small things like this that can easily stop me getting anywhere, anyway get on with it Emma!).

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