So I haven’t been here in a little while and I think that is because I became really confused with what I wanted to be doing. I have a hard time focusing on one thing, something I am really working on, and because of this I have one thousand thoughts flitting around my brain at once pulling me in different directions.

When you you write down on paper what you want, it seems so simple. For me this would say: artist. Alas, it just isn’t that easy, being an artist, for me, encompasses so many different levels, I want to paint fine art, I want to illustrate, draw cartoons, write children’s books, make jewellery, make funny cards and stationary, sew cushions, make bags, and so much more.

If artist isn’t the right word for this I don’t really care, this is what that word means to me. The only problem is much of the above just won’t work under one brand name. Outlaws and Skeletons can not combine all of the above without confusing the bananas out of people, so I think for now I have a solution. Fine art and nice, pretty things will come under my own name Emma Rowland. The jewellery, illustrations, odd bits in the style that Outlaws and Skeletons is developing will come under that. I love making cards and eventually when that happens again they will come under Slap and Tickle Me.

I know 3 separate creative spaces/brands sounds crazy but we will see how it goes. I would love to know who else spreads themselves over a few projects too, some people will say I am spreading it all too thin but I have my priorities. Outlaws and Skeletons is my number one, I love it the most. Saying that I need a break from that style, I love to paint and Emma Rowland fine art will be a good way get away from that. Slap and Tickle Me will wait until I have a bit of time for it, I have a ton of designs just waiting to be printed and made once I have a printer!

Anyway I have grand plans the same as anyone but one thing I do know is that I have missed writing and I shouldn’t hesitate posting here just because I fell for the ‘your blog should always be on point, on theme, on whatever’ crap. So expect more posts and hopefully me gloating over actually sticking to my blogging schedule.

Have a lovely week lovely people.

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