Since I designed my own enamel pin late last year I have been incredibly luckily to have done some awesome swaps with incredible designers and makers.

Some have also been brought as I loved them and was far to shy to ask people if they wanted to swap!

My Enamel Pin Collection by Outlaws and Skeletons

I picked up this giant hoop in a charity shop for £2 and cut up an old jumper to pop in it, I am not a massive fan of the colour now it’s in the hoop but it’ll do until I find something else. Since I took the pictures I have had a few more swaps and won a competition (yes I won an actual competition!) any way, I plan to do an update every couple of months…yes I will be buying that many pins 😉

I also like the way they look here but sadly I have no way of hanging them up so they will live on the hoop for a while standing on the radiator.

My Enamel Pin Collection by Outlaws and Skeletons

Here’s all the makers! I’ve linked to their Instagram pages where I can, go and check them out!

My Enamel Pin Collection by Outlaws and Skeletons

  1. ‘Smiling’s my favourite’ by Hello Sunshine
  2. Pastel cat by Diglotetc
  3. Pink heart from Cancer Research Uk
  4. Set of 2 red hearts by Beach London
  5. Basic Bitch by Stuff Your Face Studio
  6. Sunshine camper van by Hello Sunshine
  7. Be Brave by Rock Cakes
  8. Cute deer by Zwartkapje
  9. Pin of power by Pilfered
  10. Admit one by The Clever Badger
  11. I’ve got dreams by me! Outlaws and Skeletons
  12. Sad ghost by The Official Sad Ghost Club
  13. Unicorn cat by Sugar and Sloth
  14. Depop listing by Depop
  15. Winging it by Liz Mosley
  16. Skating sausage by Benny Brown
  17. Kitty paw (set of two) by Diglotetc
  18. Fossil from Charmouth beach/Jurassic Coast
  19. Fat kitty lightning by The No Such Disco
  20. Nefertiti from Museum Island in Berlin
  21. Berlin bear from a tourist shop in Berlin 🙂



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