2018 goals for outlaws and skeletonsBe bold. 

That is essentially what my plans boil down to. I want to push it as far I as I can in a year.

I am not 100% sure how to set goals for this, perhaps some solid hard numbers, as well as physical goals, would be best.

Outlaws and Skeletons Goals 2018 – 

In 2018 I would like to put out the following:

  • a set list of products – that I remake & will continue to be in my shop (if it sells obvs).
  • one-off pieces – I miss creating detailed big pieces but thought I had to remake things to keep selling them. This time I will make big detailed pieces and list as a one of a kind and once it’s gone it’s gone!
  • 4 enamel pins – 3 new designs and a rework on the I’ve got dreams pin.
  • 2 patches – I am not comfortable sourcing these and the pins so this will be a challenge!
  • a range of greeting cards – I’ve designed so many but never made them into anything.
  • some products that are unique – I have two ideas in mind that I’ve never seen anywhere else…yet. I need to get them designed, made and out there before I see someone else doing them.
  • a wildcard – something different that I haven’t thought of yet or something that I can’t imagine how to even do it like a calendar or stickers for example.

Numbers. I would like to hit the following number goals:

  • hit 500 sales on my Etsy shop (it is currently at 162) which is 338 sales in 2018.
  • make 100 sales on my NOTHS shop.
  • make 100 sales on my Depop shop.

These are my goals for Outlaws and Skeletons in 2018. Every month I will post a monthly update on my progress on each one of these goals, hopefully, this will keep me on track to achieving them all!

I would love to hear some of your goals or read your new year resolutions / goals.

Emma / Outlaws & Skeletons

Artist/Creative/Marzipan Addict

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