Run Every Day for mental health (Mind) and December burn out

Run Every Day Mental Health Mind

On the 22nd December I signed up to the R.E.D challenge to raise money for Mind and pretty much forgot about it until a fundraising pack popped through the letterbox.

December, for the last two years, has been the craziest months of the year for me, with more orders than I would ever anticipate or imagine. The first year I was working in a full time job and then ALL of my spare time and most of my sleeping time was spent making, packing, posting orders and contacting customers, December just gone was the sam
e but luckily I was working a part time job. I am so happy and amazed by it all but also both Decembers completely burnt me out. I have  eaten terribly, stopped exercising, put on weight, slept badly, and not only has my physical health paid the price but my mental health has started to suffer.

I like to think my subconscious made me sign up for this challenge because it knew I had to change, so here I am doing something.

Today, 1st January 2017, I went out for a jog, aiming for 0.8km/half a mile and smashing it! I found it so much easier than I thought I would, my awesome friends and families sponsorship made it even easier and afterwards I felt just fantastic!

Also I let myself be proud of what I had done, I see people who have tweeted or instagrammed about doing 5km on their first run, or 6 miles, or even 3, and previous me would have been self-conscious about my meagre 1km but as I get older I think eff it, I did it and I will keep doing what I can.

1 day done, 30 to go!

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