Shutting shop…for a little while.

I’ve shut up my shops for a little while and wanted to let you know why.

Although all I’m going to say at the moment is…personal reasons. Shit happened and I need time to recover.

I am using this time to plan, design, and make new stuff though! It’s going slowly but it’s all creeping forward and I’m happy with how the designs are going so far. I am turning my need for a break into a chance for a re-launch and…

…a bigger a better 2018!

No one can predict an amazing year and after the past couple of months, I daren’t. What I can do is make plans to make this year the year I really try with Outlaws and Skeletons. I can’t explain how much I want it to be what I envision in my head and for that to be well received! I really, really, really want it to be a success.

Re-launch deadline is 1st January 2018…I better get a move on and start making some stuff!

Next post…my plans for Outlaws and Skeletons 2018. Stay tuned!

Outlaws and Skeletons shop relaunch

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