Travel Bit: A day in Bratislava

I was googling day trips we could take from Vienna and one of the options shot out of the screen and yelled ‘pick me’.

There are plenty of options including various castles, wine places, countryside, small towns etc but when we saw that it only took an hour to get to Bratislava from Vienna and cost around €14 each for a return ticket we were sold. With this ticket you also get free travel on the public transport within Bratislava.

We took the 0 tram to Wien Hauptbahnhof station where we collected our pre-booked tickets from the machine and got coffee and pastries before heading to the platform.

I was VERY excited when the train came to the platform as it was a double-decker train, since we first saw them in Berlin I have wanted to ride in one because I am a giant nerd. Anyway in we went and up the stairs.

Wien West Bahnhof IMG_9417

The journey to Bratislava is 98% through the Austrian countryside through farms, windmills, and fields of sunflowers.

Vienna Train Sation Vienna to Bratislava Vienna to Bratislava

Arriving into Bratislava-Petrzalka train station it was very hot and wonderfully sunny.

Bratislava Train Station

We got the bus (route 80) from the stop to the right of the train station as you exit, it takes around 5 minutes to get to the old town. We got off and just walked down a street, we magically (luckily) found our way here:

Bratislava Bratislava

We carried on around the corner and saw this alley way which looked like somewhere we should go. Can you tell we don’t plan things?

Bratislava Old Town

It turned out well…

Bratislava day trip from Vienna

We stopped off for a bite to eat on the restaurant on the right. It was ok but definitely set up for tourists. It is a good spot for people watching.

Bratislava Tourist Trip

Under the tower the sign pointed to our next city.

Vienna to Bratislava Train

Obviously we can’t stray too far from the Danube river, here it is again in a different county. Looks the same.

The Danube River in Slovakia

Things you have pinned on Pinterest you can actually find in real life…amazing. Here’s Cumil:Cumil Statue Bratislava

He has a shiny head because tourists like sitting on it. As you do. There are quite a few cool statues around the old town, there are too many photos on here as it is so here’s just one more. I don’t know his official name but I like to think it is Benedict.


Encase you wanted to see my feet again and also a reminder of where I was. Bratislava Drain Cover

We came across a super hipster cafe where all the cliches checked themselves off nicely. I also tried my first cold brew coffee, it was bitter and cold. Thumbs up. I didn’t note the name of the place, my bad.

Berlin Hipster Coffee Bar Bratislava

We did something spur of the moment and very touristy and hopped in one of those little red buses, it cost €10 each which I thought was pricey but turned out to be worth it. I enjoyed the commentary and learned lots of interesting facts of which I can now remember about two.

Tour of Old Town Bratislava

After the tourist excursion we thought we climbed up a really steep hill towards the castle. Four litres of sweat later…ta-da! Just look at that blue sky!

Bratislava Palace

The view was totally worth it. We were pretty sure is was 40 degrees by this point and after climbing the hill the breeze felt lovely on the sweaty face. Oh look there is the Danube again.

Bratislava Old Town and Castle

Tesco express. Of course I took a photo, these people are all wandering what the hell I am taking  a photo of.

Bratislava Tescos

Back at the train station an hour earlier than we had planned because we were really tired and disgustingly sweaty and grimy. They just walk across the tracks here. Bratislava Petrzlaka Train Station

Sunflower fields Austria

Austrian Senset

Finally back home in Vienna, on the tram home. I saw what looked like the Austrian version of Step Brothers was based in Vienna… ‘Boats ‘n hoes’!


Quick Roundup:

Bratislava, Slovakia: A great place to visit, if you get the chance then go! Perfect for a day trip.

We walked: A LOT. I think the health app said it was around 18000 steps.

Other: It was really hot in July, around 40 degrees. Go some other cooler time.

Drink: Beer is really cheap , we saw pints from 80 cents. The coffee is really good too.

Food: Hit and miss, the restaurants prices really vary too so check before you sit down. Ice cream nom nom nom.

It is a beautiful and pretty cheap city to visit so that’s cool.

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