Travel Bit: Amsterdam…again

We have been to Amsterdam twice in the past year and the first time was great, the second time is when I fell in love with the city. These photos are a mixture from both of our visits.

We flew form Exeter Airport to Amsterdam with Flybe. Look at that funny little plane!!

flyby Exeter to Amsterdam


First off here is our favourite thing about Amsterdam; the apple pie. It’s so delicious! We go (I say that like it’s a regular thing) to a lovely corner bar which we think serves the best apple pie. Yes, we have been to Winkel’s and it’s great but we think that Cafe Papeneiland is the winner, it has a lovely view too and is jam packed full of character inside. This was our breakfast. Nom nom nom. Also we always forget but remember to ask for milk in your coffee!


Amsterdam Applie Pie and Coffee


Carrying on with the food theme for a while if you walk past an Amsterdam Cheese Factory and are feeling a little peckish it’s a great place to try out lots of cheese and fuel up for a few more miles of walking. Wasabi…yuck. Chilli cheese was good, there are so many good ones and they often have some chutneys out to try as well. Don’t be scared of eating and not buying either, that’s what the tasters are out for and bonus if you find one you like enough to buy.

Amsterdam Cheese Factory



Unfortunately none of the following went into my belly and to be totally honest I am not sure I would eat a glittery shoe but these chocolate and marzipan delights are pretty awesome, check out the fake croquettes on the right! ‘Napoleon, gimme some of your tots’…if you get this quote you are a winner, well done. A weekend in Amsterdam





Hot dogs are nothing without crisps. Bonus story: Sean’s dog slipped out of the bun and I caught it. Ninja skills at 100% when it comes to food.

Amsterdam food


You have to waffle once in your life. Live a little.


Chocolate Waffle in Amsterdam



Not all our food was consumed in the streets, one of the best meals we had in Amsterdam was at Nooch, a lovely asian restaurant in the 9 streets. Sushi was top notch and desert (get the ice cream) was drool worthy. We were very stuffed when we left.

Notch restaurant  Amsterdam


This was in my last Amsterdam post but it was so awesome and such a lovely treat from my bro that I had to mention it again. Nomads serves AMAZING food. Order the Chef’s deluxe platter (I think that is what it is called) and bing, bang, boom, you will leave with a worthy food baby. It is dark in there though so no Instagram pics of your food, sad face.

Nomad restaurant in Amsterdam


So my food rant is over. Here’s a dog in a basket. Look how happy he looks 🙂

A weekend in Amsterdam


Down the alley from Winkels is this creepy glasses store. Some cool frames though.A weekend in Amsterdam


If you are after an odd experience without getting high then the Cheese Museum is the place to go. The ‘museum’ part is down the stairs, don’t worry they let you back out again, and is free to explore. This place is basically a shop labelling itself a museum to get you to go in.Amsterdam Cheese


This place is much the same. Some cool tulips to purchase though if putting bulbs in the ground is your thing. Amsterdam Tulips

Our visit to the Anne Frank house consisted of walking past it. The queue is ridiculous most of the time, I was told the best time to go is when it opens and the queue is normally pretty short. Around the corner though are these slightly over-sized benches. My brother and Sean discussing important things.

Ann Frank House Street


The most surprising thing I found about Amsterdam is just how pretty it is. I had seen the pictures of the canals (apparently I can’t take good ones) and the architecture but it still blew me away. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been.

Amsterdam architectureAmsterdamAmsterdam River

A weekend in Amsterdam


If you go in the winter months you will find ice-skating chairs in the park, a great place to watch the sunset.

Winter in Amsterdam


Told ya.

Night time in Amsterdam


So that was a bit of weird round-up of our two trips. I missed out Vondlepark which is one of our favourite spots. Cycling around the city is also a great experience. Get up high in the literal sense at some point too as the view over the city is beautiful as the sun goes down, we did this at the Sky Lounge at the Hilton (Double Tree) just past the main train station. It’s not too expensive either, the food is really good but if you are on a budget then go up and get a tea (mint tea) or coffee which is under €5 if I remember correctly and you get three little sweet treats too!


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  1. Thanks for your inspiring post 🙂 I’m now here and would be delighted to see the shop with marzipan and chocolate shoes, do you still happen to have the name?

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