The classic new year’s resolutions post here.

My hopes and dreams for 2018


Health. I am overweight and so unfit after being pregnant for 3 months and coping with losing the baby. I would like to feel fit and healthy as well as getting down to a healthy BMI (not that I think that is a great measure but..) encase I get pregnant again to give myself and the baby the best chance I can.

Health pt 2. Mental health. I plan on getting back into running and keeping it up as it is the number one thing that helps me mentally. Pamper days and self-care will go a long way with this too, take care of my skin, hair, nails etc makes me feel better too.

Family. We hope that we can try again for a baby, so once we get the results either start trying again 😉 or look into other ways of having a family.

Money. Pay off that damn debt and get a grip on how I handle money.

Career. Put in the work to be able to earn myself an income being self-employed.


Outlaws and Skeletons. I have farted around so far with O&S but not in 2018. 2018 is the year I work damn hard at it or quit it. It’s now or never. I will do a separate Outlaws and Skeletons 2018 new year resolutions.

Secret project. I have started a second website that I don’t want to share quite yet. It’s basically about chasing your dreams and what it takes to get there. I want to make this website a part of my income too so working out how to do that.

Writing. I do content writing (much better than it is on here!) for a website, I aim to make this more of a monthly thing and maybe add another client too.

Other (again secret). Put the time in and it will work!


Let’s see how it all goes!

Emma / Outlaws & Skeletons

Artist/Creative/Marzipan Addict

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