Weekly Notes: 21st June ’15

Well a week late but here is a photo re-cap of my week!

Keep it Bright Bangle

It started off with an amazing package of birthday goodies from a beautiful friend which included the silver Keep it Bright bangle which has added to my ‘arm candy’ (I’m hip, I’m with it (insert Austin Powers emoji) there totally should be one). Also check out my Birks, there’s two reasons why I might have ended up with these; 1 – they are not cool anymore or 2 – I’m getting old an favour comfort. With my hipster outfit completed with my oversized tiger t we headed out the door to…

Iced green matcha latte

…get lunch at a favourite coffee shop where I am working my way through the iced drinks menu. This is an iced green matcha latte. Odd. We wandered through the streets heading to the museum quarter.

Vienna street art

It took this kid ages to work out how to the peace sign with his hand much to Sean’s amusement. My amusement, much more childish of course, came later when I saw the shop name in the background. I would like to point out that I am not taking a photo of these two things or that guys bum but they were setting up the sculptures in the street which I thought was interesting. This is the photo that’s made the cut. Sorry.

Vienna things to do

Vienna things to do

We finally made it to Haydn cinema, a bit pricey I guess but it was Jurassic World and it was part of my birthday treats. I was excited (understatement) and was fully prepared for it to be rubbish but totally not caring because I have a small (HUGE) love of all things Jurassic Park and dino dna. Haydn cinema screens all the films in english so it’s a great place to go whilst in Vienna, it’s also located in a crazy shopping sheet so you can fill ya’ birks with fabulous purchases.

Vienna Haydn English Cinema


NB. Freakin’ love Jurassic World and now consequently Chris Pratt.

Sunset vienna

Street art in Vienna Austria

Vienna canal

There’s a heron in this picture if you can spot it you get a prize; well done. Stadtpark Vienna Austria

Stadtpark Vienna Austria

Saturday we went and watched Vienna’s Rainbow Parade, I have many a fabulous photo’s so I’ll do a separate post on that!Vienna's Rainbow Parade on CSD day

Sunday we went on a u-bahn adventure and hopped on the U4. It was fun and we came across some cool stuff. Interesting and details are not what I’m into (I am, it’s just a week later and I have a lazy and bad memory).

U-bahn Vienna AustriaHundertwasserhaus Vienna Austria

Hundertwasserhaus Vienna Austria

Because why would barbies not be taped to crates and floated in a fountain?

Museum Quarter Wien Österreich

I got a bit craft with some air/microwave dry fimo. I hated the consistancy of it and found it hard to mould into the forms I wanted to I have ended up with strange beasts which I will now paint into weirder beasties. My first collage, which I am very chuffed with. And I made this charm a while ago when I first started out playing with shrink plastic, I am not just giving myself a shave I am also turning it into a necklace. Vain much.

Emma Rowland Art and Outlaws and Skeletons Necklace

That’s all folks.

Emma / Outlaws & Skeletons

Artist/Creative/Marzipan Addict

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