Weekly Notes: 5th July ’15

This week Vienna has been really hot, sunny, and beautiful!Vienna

One evening we walked down the canal and sat swinging our legs over the edge, it was bustling down there with lots of bars and mini beaches set up on the banks there are plenty of places to sit and chill.Sitting by the water in Vienna

We have been meaning to go this bar since we got here as it is quite near where we are staying, we finally went and had a coffee there one evening. Tick.

Viennese Cafe

Naschmarkt is Vienna’s  largest inner city market and has an array of produce, falafel, and tea/spices stands as well as many restaurants and bars to choose from. Nasch market Vienna Austria Nasch market Vienna Austria

We ate at Fisch Viertel at 1040 and it was amazing, this was by far one of the best meals we have had since we have been here, please look away now if you do not wish to see a basket of fried seafood!Amazing fish at Fisch Vierterl at 1060 am naschmarkt Vienna

After wandering through Naschmarkt we came across a street festival being set up, we wandered through the street where many stages, bars, and street tables were being constructed. So we grabbed ourselves a table and got some drinks in. Freihausviertelfest Wien

It got busy pretty quickly and we had a great time listening to the live music, drinking beer & spritzers, and soaking up an awesome atmosphere.

Freihausviertelfest Wien

These dudes walked up on stage and played some awesome music, The Balkan Tango Vibes are made up of a group of guys from around the world (from what we could here) and played some truly happy music. We loved it so much we brought their CD from them afterwards and the massive goof-ball that I am we (Sean) asked some of them to sign it for me!Freihausviertelfest Wien

Friday was hot. We woke up late and didn’t leave the flat until gone 2pm but we fancied going some where new to lay about under the sun. Our list trip to the Danube was a bust (no planning). So I looked up the Alte Donau and found the easiest way to get there, we took the U1 from Schwedenplatz to Alte Donau. Lots of places online said you can easily find somewhere to go when you get there so we hadn’t planned to end up at the Strandbad but when we left the station there was a whole ton of people walking to the right, so we followed them!

You have to queue and pay to get into the Strandbad but we think it is totally worth it, it was beautiful, the water was warm and clean, there is plenty of places to sit or lay in the sun. It looks great for kids too. It cost us €3.50 each for half a day which is a bargain. We are definitely planning on going back next week with swimming attire this time!!

Alte Donau Bundesbad Vienna

Strandbad Alte Donau Vienna

On the was back into the centre of Veinna we hoped of the U-bahn at Donauinsel because of this view:

U-Bahn Vienna Danube River

Just beautiful!

U-Bahn U-Bahn Vienna Danube River

Did I say it was hot here, not just for an hour or two either. It’s constant. Now I sound like I am complaining but it is awesome. The amount of sweat is pretty gross. Scratch it’s very, very gross but apart from that it’s awesome!Heat wave Vienna Weather July 2015

We tried this, I thought it might be a melon when we brought it. Had I known it was a giant grapefruit like fruit I probably would have left it on the shelf, but after making an absolute mess of cutting it up it was worth it as it was rather delicious. It is tastes a bit like a giant lime without the sourness. Weird fruit Wildboi Pomelo

We obviously needed to counterbalance the healthiness with some sugar. Viennese Gelato

Handing over cash for our ice creams we turned around to find to people dressed up in gorilla costumes and tutus (I mentioned it was hot right, even at night). I freaked and walked off, Sean said hello to them and was rewarded with a tiny banana. Odd? Very. Do I trust two gorilla-costumed tutu-wearing adults enough to eat said banana? See if I return next week.

Viennese Gelato

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